What to Consider When Hiring Personal Image Consultant?

It doesn’t matter in what part of society you belong; your image is something that people will make conclusions on. Maybe you don’t care about what other people think but if you are looking to get employed or you have your own business to run, you will need to leave a good impression on others. This is why a lot of people hire image consultant NYC, it’s always better to have a professional take care of you.

You might want to experiment with clothing but choosing the right consultant will have a lot of benefits. Picking the right one isn’t always easy because there are a lot of them claiming that they are best in what they do. To avoid the ones that aren’t that good, you need to consider some common things that will help you determine which one is the best.

Personal Taste

One of the biggest mistake people make is hiring someone just because they heard they are good. They might be great for someone but that doesn’t mean that you will like their work. The problem with image consultants is that every job is different and everyone you work with is different. They might know all the trends that are going on but if you don’t like his or her personality, you won’t be able to function with them normally. Read this for more info.

You will sometimes spend hours with a team of consultants so make sure you like them. Enjoying their company is not only normal but it also means that you will be more productive. It’s a personal service which means that you are allowing them to become an everyday part of your life. Everyone has their own taste which a professional should recognize and determine what needs to be done next.

Find a Reliable Source

Something interesting that most people don’t know is that some image consultant companies will match you and the stylist based on a computer algorithm. In most cases, it works great, but a computer still doesn’t know how someone will react to your behavior, so you personally need to know a person in order to consider hiring them. They are also benefiting if they make you wear something that will make other people consider wearing. You might do an influencer’s job without even knowing it.

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Hiring someone that your friend refers can work but it doesn’t mean it will. It would be best if you know someone you like that does the job. A lot of consultants have their biography and preferences exposed to the masses so you can find something to relate to. When hiring someone, do a background check on them so you can be sure they are legitimate before interviewing them.

A computer can’t combine the experience of others and make a decision based on it. Make sure that your sources are reliable and the person you will hire has a great background with proven achievements. This also isn’t something you will tell your assistant to find because even your assistant can decide who will work the best for you.

Don’t be Their Experiment

A large number of new companies that offer such a service have no experience at all. When looking for someone to hire, make sure you check who they worked with and the reviews. It’s great that most of them are ambitious but the person that hires them won’t benefit much. You need to have some sort of education about personal image and fashion. Read more here.

It is okay to work with people that are trying to breakthrough. It doesn’t mean that lack of experience will impact the result too much. The more important part is that they suit your needs and understand what you are looking for. Their reputation may also come from their hard work and knowledge before they even get the first client.


When you work with a personal stylist you can compare it like working with a life coach. Most of the things you hire someone to do, you can do yourself but there are many things you would rather do than spend time and money on learning something new. If you can afford to have someone to finish all the small things that waste your money, there are only benefits from it. If you look good and feel confident, it means that your consultant is doing a great job. This will also affect the people around you because confidence can be noticed.

You’ll need time to gain knowledge about the fashion industry and what clothing says about you. If you plan to hire a professional, you need to be open-minded to the new things that are trending. Try it out for some time and you can make a decision after you experience a new change. You need to realize that they are trained to do this job and adapt to the situation you are in. Your image is the first step to improving yourself because people should start from small things to get to more important aspects of life.

Why Are You Doing It?

The first thing you need to ask yourself is why you need an image consultant. It’s usually one of two things. The first is related to your image goals and something that you need help with achieving because you lack knowledge. The second reason is that you don’t have time to think about it and you want someone to do the shopping and thinking for you. These two reasons are completely different so make sure you clearly know what’s related to you.

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Another great tip is to observe how your consultant dresses. They don’t need to wear the same style as you but if you like what you see, it probably means that they are doing a good job. Personal taste is different, but you can decide if something is good looking. It’s the first thing you will notice when you meet them so it will be a big deciding factor.