Wedding Jewelry – A Very Important Bridal Accessory

Bridal jewelry is a very important wedding accessory for any bride. Whether it is a necklace set, or a pendant set, bangles, rings, bracelets or earrings, the jewelry a bride chooses will be a very important part of her wedding. Bridal jewelry is actually an ancient practice that is said to have originated with the Romans and today can often be used to set the theme for a wedding. Many couples take extra care when choosing the appropriate wedding jewelry as it often becomes a keepsake to be passed down in the family from generation to generation.

No bride is complete without her bridal jewelry. The current trend in bridal jewelry is antique, vintage, and big and bold. If you are lucky to have the perfect antique piece of jewelry from a relative that you positively love, your search may be over. Not sure? Spend some time with your mother, grandmother or other favorite older relative and see what type of jewelry they may have to lend you. If you find something you absolutely love, then you have just found the perfect bridal jewelry for your wedding day.

Bridal jewelry can include pearl and crystal necklaces with a matching pair of earrings or can be as traditional as an ivory pearl necklace and earring set. Pearls are always in great demand as they look very sophisticated and elegant. Pearls also flatter your skin with pearl jewelry as they add hue to your look. If you are wearing an ivory or champagne colored gown, choose ivory pearls in a gold setting to complement the dress. For a more fashionable look, choose a pearl bridal jewelry set that is chunkier in style such as two or three rows of pearls or with a teardrop pearl pendant. Be sure to choose wedding jewelry with a comfortable fit that will resist pinching and moving on you and that you may want to wear again on another occasion to get more mileage out of your purchase.

Keep in mind that wedding jewelry is an essential accessory for any wedding participant including the bridal party. You can also be purchase your bridal jewelry in matching sets for the bridesmaids in a wedding ceremony. If your bridesmaids are wearing matching dresses, it makes sense that they would also wear matching jewelry. Bridal jewelry for flower girls is usually created in faux pearls available in white, ivory, pink and other colors. If the bride is going to be wearing pink stones, it will look equally stunning if the flower girl wears pink jewelry also.

Tiaras are one piece of wedding jewelry that used to be reserved for royalty or the very wealthy brides but not anymore. Today there has been a trend towards brides being able to wear tiaras as part of their bridal jewelry. Tiaras have been used to reaffirm the dignity and beauty of women for thousands of years. It lets them know that you have a sense of style that is elegant, tasteful, and timeless.