Talk On Wholesale Jewelry Prices China

Fashion jewelry industry insiders all know that wholesale jewelry prices differ from retail jewelry prices greatly. But how much they differ from each other? Here I will give a general guide on this topic.

Many fashion jewelry retailers pretend to wholesale fashion jewelry from China and then resell them in their local stores. It is a very good way to earn big money. Fashion jewelry China is the cheapest ones due to Chinas abundant in larbor resources and cheap in raw materials.

Also you need not to worry about the fashion jewelry quality. Quality service is the forever pursuit of Chinese fashion jewelry suppliers.

Jewelry industry is flourishing and people are devoted to the jewelry business, especially fashion jewelry business. Internet makes Wholesale fashion jewelry online convenient and profitable. This is the main reason why fashion jewelry web stores become more and more those days.

During the past year, there were two big things that happened to fashion jewelry industry. These two things totally changed the overall layout of jewellry industry around the whole world. Maybe you must be curious about which two things so powerful to change the overall layout of entire jewelry industry. Now let us give you a detailed explaination.

Firstly, Alibaba released its new platform, which is dedicated at wholesale business under 500USD, including wholesale jewelry. At first sight that the wholesale prices provided by are very cheap. You can buy a fashion jewelry sets which looks very expensive and valuable only with less than 10USD. You can not help expressing how powerful and good the current technology is.

Among all wholesale jewelry from China, pearl necklaces earring sets sell best, especially coffee ones. We all know that this pearl necklace earring set is fake ones, but we are still happy to buy it for its high-imitation appearance.

But frankly speaking, although you think it is very cheap to wholesale jewelry from Aliexpress, there is another big secret you did not know. Almost 90% sellers over aliexpress are resellers. Resellers refer to the people who wholesale jewelry in a large number from the local factories or wholesale market and then resell them online abroad. So the wholesale prices you get through the aliexpress are still very expensive than our expectation. You can never imgazine how cheap the factory price is.

Secondly, more and more people pretend to wholesale jewelry from China instead of buying fashion jewelry one or two in their local stores. It is an unavoidable trend. If you can buy a lot of fashion jewelry from China, why spend the same money to buy only one piece, unless you need the goods very urgent.