Big Mens Fashion Tips

As a bigger bloke it can be tempting to stick to a basic wardrobe with little in the way of fashionable clothing or outfit coordination. Many men dont realise that dressing for your body shape is essential when it comes to style. This guide will help you solve your outfit dilemmas and have you looking your best in no time at all!

Top Troubles
Choosing tops to suit you can be tricky as a bigger bloke; you cant just wander into a shop and pick any old t-shirt off the shelf. These are our top tops dilemmas and how to sort them out!
-Tops dont cover my beer belly
Look out for longer lengths and check that bigger sizes are automatically longer. A long length t-shirt or shirt looks much smarter and it has plenty of breathing room to be tucked in if required.
-I look too wide in suits
Choose single-breasted styles in simple colours. A double-breasted suit will only make you look wider.
-Shirts are too tight around my neck
Make sure you shop by neck size. If you still feel claustrophobic then a suit and unbuttoned shirt that fits well looks better than a too tight shirt and tie.
All in all its important to make sure your tops fit you perfectly. If you want to tuck it in then make sure its long enough, and opt for longer lengths wherever possible.

Dont shy away from styles you like just because youre bigger. If youre self conscious about your size then layering slims you right down. V-neck t-shirts and jumpers are ideal for giving the appearance of a leaner shape.

Your top half is the perfect area to make yourself appear slimmer. Vertical stripes and patterns will make you look taller and thus minimise your girth. Thicker material is always a good idea and it wont cling so much.

Tricky Trousers

Trousers too can be tricky for bigger blokes. Men come in all heights as well as sizes, so a one size fits (and suits) all approach is never going to work! Choose outfits that are made for your height, and opt for specialist retailers whose clothes are made for bigger blokes. That way they wont fall at the first hurdle with too short tops or ill-fitting trousers.
Dont forget, trousers should sit on your natural waistline. If you have something of a paunch, then avoid wearing your trousers underneath, tempting though it may be, they wont fit very well.

Like with tops, thicker fabrics are ideal for hiding any bad bits as they hang better and offer better support. Jeans are the perfect trousers for bigger men, and when it comes to smart styles opt for a thicker material.

Dressing for the occasion

For casual wear a good staple wardrobe involves jeans, t-shirts and v-neck jumpers. This allows for layering and can slim down your shape. For a slightly smarter look wear with leather trainers or shoes rather than sports shoes.

Dont forget, just because youre a bigger bloke doesnt mean looking stylish should be difficult. Just dress to your strengths and avoid wearing outfits designed for thin men. Just following our simple tips and tricks will help you look stylish, gain confidence and even help you appear slimmer!

Getting the latest trends

A big mans wardrobe should contain staple items that work from season to season. If you want to get this seasons colours and patterns then small accents are an understated and stylish way to incorporate them. Try adding a scarf or patterned shirt under a jumper or cardigan.