How to Eyebrows on Fleek

So much has been said about the power of makeup, yet less information is available on the role that eyes play in enhancing the makeup look. Whether you shave or have your natural brows, it is always good to keep them in good shape otherwise your face will look dramatic.

Most of us are victims of eyebrow failures due to the approaches we employ. While going natural is good, it will not always play to your side. Achieving the perfect brow comes at a cost, meaning you will have to spend vast amounts for you to get the needed products.

Keep reading to understand how to get your eyebrows on fleek.

Use Mascara

I am sure that some of you are shocked that I mentioned the use of mascara in your eyebrows. Although it is meant for the lashes, it can as well be used for your brows. Waterproof mascara will, in this case, be of great help than the ordinary mascara.

This will mainly apply when you have some long eyebrows. The basic procedure for the application of the eye pencil requires that it is smeared on your skin. The fact that it is in contact with your skin means that you are not enhancing the beauty of the brows but the skin. When it comes to the side of the mascara, it deals with individual hairs, thus a perfect look.

The good thing with waterproof mascara is that it is pigmented, thus making it easy for you to match the color of the brows, lashes, skin, and the outfit.

Choose a Suitable Eye Pencil

In this world of the living, we all cannot be gifted the same way. This means that while some will glow naturally with no makeup, others will need some makeup to achieve their desired look. If you belong to the second category, look for a drugstore eye pencil for a better facial look.

The modern-day societies are changing at a fast rate such that even men have begun embracing the use of pencils. In life, no one aspires to be shaggy. Even the mad man you see on the streets admires some nice pair of shoes and so on. This means that you have to take care of your body.

Before you begin smearing the pencil, use a spoolie to brush the brows. Failure to brush them will lead to weird appearances since there will be no clear direction of the drawing. Brushing also makes it easy for you to identify spots and patches.

Eyebrow pencils come in a variety of brands and colors. It is upon you to pick something that works perfectly for your case. Choosing the wrong color for your brows will be worse than staying with none.

By all means, the color of the brows should match that of the face and the outfit. There shouldn’t be a massive contrast between the face and eyebrows. At times, you will have to use a combination of pencils for you to achieve the preferred look.

Trim and Shape

While some people are blessed with big brows, others will struggle to develop some. Whether there are any or none, you must act like they are there and give them a perfect shape. In case they are tall and hairy, take your time and trim them using a pair of scissors.

In other instances, you will have to shave some that are overgrown towards the upper or lower side of the eye. Give it that perfect shape by cutting along the edges.

Fill In

The appearance of your eyebrows will largely depend on the mechanism you use for the application. Using gentle motions that are more of flicks will guarantee a better impression than those long straight lines you draw.

Flicking ensures that the eyebrows remain in their original form. At the same time, there is less contact on the skin, meaning only the hair will be colored. Very often, you will notice people on the street with eyebrows resembling back smoke from an old diesel engine tractor.

The sooty appearance is due to the energy that they direct to the eyebrows. It is always good to go light on the application and keep adding the color bit by bit.

Arch It

Always have a diagonal alignment when drawing and let it correspond to the center of the eye and have the line extended.  This way, you will have a suitable location for the arch. This arch has to be realistic, or else everything will look distracted.

Exaggerated arches create a negative impression that is likely to hamper the overall appearance of your face. Individuals with pointed arches always look angry and emotional. Not everyone was born with a natural arch, so you have to be cautious if you belong to this category.

Ensure the Color is Even

Any makeup application practice, however, simple it may be, has to be done in the presence of a mirror. It is only through the mirror that you will notice cases of patchy eyebrows. The uneven distribution of the color gives a wrong impression.

Instead of erasing the well-covered areas, it will be easier if you directed that energy in applying the pencil to the sparsely covered areas. However, be sure that you are not using the wrong color for your brows.

Blend and Blend

Blending is a never-ending exercise as far as beauty enhancement is concerned. Once you apply a particular product, the next step should always be blending. The blending gives room for an even distribution of the color.

The blending cannot be done using your ordinary brush. Instead, make sure that you have a spoolie. It is one of the tools that you will use a million times a day since it plays multiple roles. Blend everything such that the products remain unnoticed from the outside.

The eye is such a critical part of the facial appearance that it becomes hard to ignore it in your makeup endeavors. However, go light on coverage, or else the products will replace the original brow, which is not the way to go. Pick the right products and have the right tools for application and blending.

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