The Basic Concept Of Clothing

In the apparel industry, most people likely to be some common names, such as clothing, apparel and senior high set uniform confusion, in fact, behind all these names have their basic concept of unity.
Advanced set uniform (Haute Couture) is typical of the French national essence, since 1858 the birth of the French senior fixed uniform already have 150 years of history.
In 1858, Charles Frederick Worth for the first time introduced the concept of fashion design and opened in Paris, named after his personal female tailor for the upper top of the system’s senior clothing store. This is an advanced custom clothing store history. Worth for the first time the identity of designers rather than the traditional tailor in the world. When he designed the Queen’s favor after the French, it is famous. Royal rush around the world, not only the high price of clothing is pleased to pay more has designed clothing Worth proud.
In 1868 the French Federation of established high-level set uniform.
Paris designers a high-level authority set uniform organization, which is now the senior set uniform Federation of custom clothing store on the high scale, technical conditions, conference details and made strict rules. After a lapse of a century, senior custom clothing store in Paris still comply with these traditions.
Haute Couture must meet four conditions:

First, with studios in Paris, to participate in senior fixed uniform Women Association’s annual January and July show the two ladies.

Second, each showing at least 75 or more to complete the design by the Chief Designer

Third, year-round full-time employment of more than 3 models

Fourth, the number of each style of clothes and very little basic by the hand.
After meeting the above conditions, but also approved by the French Ministry of Industry approval to name the “Haute Couture”.
From the French government in 1945 set a series of standards on the industry, the last only Chanel, Christian Dior, Yves saint Laurent and other 20 companies eligible to obtain a uniform high-level set.
Custom process:

Designer according to customer’s unique need for creativity.
Build customized models according to customers, and conduct three-dimensional model with a cloth cutting, punching cardboard production division pattern.
Division chief with the cloth on the production of like sewing clothes, customers try on and make changes


Sewing teacher selected fabrics with cutting sewing.
Installed in the test when they make changes and adjustments to detail, a set of clothes to try on at least 3 times to complete.
As the Haute Couture make extensive use of hand-embroidered beading, priced at more than 250 thousand U.S. dollars is not surprising, simple style without embroidery 1-2 million.
Haute Couture world is only 2,000 or so regular customers, today’s advanced set uniform less than 20 brands

Paris, New York, Milan and London Fashion Week Four, is the senior clothing distribution and trading activities.
Advanced clothing and general clothing difference, not only in its lot size, quality level, the key is still in its design of the personality and taste, therefore, the senior international designer brand clothing in general are some.

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