Protective Clothing For The Workplace

A complete range of protective clothing is available for food processing, industrial maintenance and chemical processing. Products include aprons, sleaves, lab coats, gowns, coveralls, frocks, facemasks, bouffants, hair nets and shoe/boot covers.

Aprons are available in a range of styles: Vinyl-aprons have a seamless design and are available as a coat (with open or elastic sleaves) or a bib. PVC/Nylon aprons are heavy-duty, puncture resistant and provides protection against acids and caustics. Endurosaf aprons are lightweight and provide protection against chemicals, oils and abrasions. Hycar aprons feature a rugged design to withstand frequent use and provide protection against animal fats and oils. Neoprene aprons are heavyweight and resistant to acids and oils. Urethane aprons are a lightweight alternative to neoprene and Hycar. Cryo-apron aprons contain a 100% waterproof liner and provides protection against temperatures as low as -160 degrees C. Aluminized Zetex aprons are available with or without sleaves and provide protection against temperatures up to 426 degrees C.

Sleaves are available a range of materials: Tyvek sleaves have serged seams for extra strength and elastic closures for comfort. They provide protection against dry particulate hazard. Polyethylene sleaves are light weight and provide an economical protection against chemicals and oils. Polyethylene (PE) coated Polypropylene (PP) sleaves are light weight and provide protection against water based liquids.

Lab coats are available in a range of materials: Poly-cotton coats are light weight and stain resistant. They feature side slits for easy access to pants pockets, three spacious pockets and an adjustable belt. 100 percent cotton coats feature four pockets (three outside and one inside), a pen holder and a belt which is sewn down the back. Fluid resistant coats are made from poly-cotton which has been treated with Nano-tex protection at a molecular level. They have four pockets (three outside and one inside) and a two button swing belt for added style.

Disposable isolation barrier gowns are available in either Polypropylene or Polyethylene-coated Polypropylene (for added protection against water-based liquids and certain chemicals). They have elastic sleaves and ties at the back of the neck and around the waist.

Coveralls are available in Du-Pont Tyvek or KleenGuard. Du Pont Tyvek are chemically and biologically inert. The have a zippered front and are available with elastic wrists, elastic wrists and a hood or with elastic wrists, a hood, or boots. KleenGuard provide protection against dry particles and light liquid sprays. They are available in a variety of styles including A20 for protection against particles, A40 for protection against particles and liquids, A60 for protection against blood-borne pathogen and A70 for protection against blood-borne pathogen and chemical splashes.
Frocks are available in a three styles: IsoClean Tyvek has a five snap closure, elastic wrists, serged seams and a three snap adjustable mandarin collar. Pro/Clean has a zipper front, serged seams and elastic sleaves. ChemStat 909A-plus contains inset sleeves, a mandarin collar, snap front closure, three front pockets and snap adjustments on the collar and wrists.

Facemasks are disposable and fluid resistant. They are made of soft, non-woven polypropylene with a full-length aluminium bridge to fit comfortably around the nose and face. Styles include ear-loop, tie-on and shielded.

Bouffant and hair nets are light weight and keep your hair out of your eyes and away from samples. They are available in two sizes 21″ or 24″ for bouffants and 18″ or 21″ for hair nets.

Shoe and boot covers are available in three four styles: Polypropylene covers are made from 100 percent spunbond polypropylene, they are non-woven and are available in two styles regular or skid-free. Polyethylene covers are lint free and water resistant, they provide protection against splashes. Polylatex covers are durable, water resistant and lint-free. Du Pont Tyvek boot covers extend over your ankle to provide extra protection. An acrylic shoe cover dispenser is also available which holds over 50 pairs of disposable shoe covers.