Styles Of Jeans To Suit Your Body Shape

A clever strategy of several garment manufacturers is to keep changing the styles of jeans and trousers so that we get attracted to the new designs. This year, wide legged jeans with high-waist and flares are new in this season’s fashion line with more versatility than previous year’s fashionable leg-squeezing skinny jeans.

Wide-legged trousers and jeans are more comfortable and jeans with high-waist appeal more to women, since these fit perfectly on your bottom.

Very few people prefer low-waist jeans. They are fit only for skinny people and women having even a bit bigger tummy do not like them, since they highlight that extra fat round the waistline more prominently. However, in case you are desperate to wear them only for the sake of fashion, then pair them with longer smock-styled tops and avoid skin-tight blouses.

Average women with slightly heavier hips find low waist jeans exposing their bottom-cleavage. The problem can be solved with curved waist bands which will minimize the attraction of people towards your assets. The latest trend in jeans is ‘bikini jeans’, which has an ultra-low-waist and the young and daring women can readily give it a try, especially those who like to show off a tattoo on their lower back!

With high-rise jeans or trousers, your legs appear long and wide waist-bands do marvellous job in minimizing your fat tummy. Women with short height should choose jeans with mid-waist so that it does not give them a shorter torso look.

Gulp down your pride and buy one size bigger jeans. It will have a surprising effect on your figure and you will really feel relaxed in one size bigger than those constricting denims. Allow your jeans to skim over your figure comfortably rather than squeezing it. People, who particularly like glass shaped jeans at the waist, can face a problem. A bit larger size pair of jeans and trousers fit well on the hips. Select a hipster cut jeans, which entirely avoids clutching the waist and your hips appear little reduced in size.

You may buy any style, but the latest trend is the full leg-length style which touches the floor giving an impression of longer legs but down at the end, the dirty hem does not look attractive at all. Leg-length jeans with hem hovering over the ground are an advantage to the short frames. The lower part of the jeans which bunches around gives a slimming effect.

No matter what your height or figure, always keep two lengths of trousers and jeans, so that one can be worn with the high-heels and the other with flats. Those, who are shorter than average height, should pair their jeans with high-heels.

Jeans and plus size trousers give a slimmer look with dark colours. Choose from blacks, dark blue, and greys to create an impression of slimmer hips and legs. With the shades at the right place, a shaded denim jean can do wonders to a heavier body.

Denims have so much versatility in designs that it can be really mind-boggling and time-consuming to select one in the right styles and cuts. To start with, first find out the shape that will suit your figure with perfect fitting.