Silk Scarves – Instructions For Tying Three Stylish Scarf Styles

As season changes, check out your wardrobe and see how many different scarves you have. Here three popular style scarves are highly recommended and the trendy ways to tie those scarves are also suggested. Small square silk scarves, long silk scarves, and silk scarf shawls are these three basic scarf designs.

You can get a small square scarf made from harder chiffon or soft silk. You can use soft silk scarves for your hair or tied up like flowers. Harder silk scarves can be wrapped around the neck to leave a triangular shape below your chin. This is the perfect tying knot for the office.

To tie a small square scarves, a simple way is a flower knot. Tie a scarf knot with two ends following the diagonal line without obvious tail for the knot. Take the ends and cross and tie them through the previously formed hole when you made the first tie. Pull gently and tighten the silk scarf into a flower shape. Then casually tie the scarf around the neck.

Because the long silk scarf has the added length compared to others, there are a variety of ways it can be tied. The colorful long silk scarves in a soft silk texture create a classic image and an elegant feel. The scarves have a Korean wrinkled fabric application and a live and lovely embellished wool hem. For evening parties the sequinned silk scarves are more appropriate as the scarf is re-designed from its actual reason to beautify, like covering the wide border of the hat, to tie on the purse, or as a belt for the trousers. Fashionable tastes of the ladies can be tested by way of perfectly tying the lengthy silk scarves.

Flower knots can be tied with long silk scarves by wrapping them around your neck and joining the hanging ends. The process is first twist the hanging part until it is tightened into a loop and then put the scarf tail through that loop. To make sure the twisted patterns are even, make sure they are twisted tightly. The effect to be seen will become more elegant and obvious if the formed and twisted flower is safely displayed about the neck area.

When lightly wrapped around the neck, a Korean long wrinkled scarf will look outstanding. A little tip is to leave one end with the extra length compared to the other when making a knot so that you don’t have over staffed feel around your face.

Usually, shawl scarves are made from wool or silk. Thick wool or cashmere drape better and provide more warmth. However, there is a new fabric which is woven from 100% silk but the similar hand feel to cashmere. The only difference is the extra soft and smooth. The silk scarves shawls can be worn for most time of the year. No matter in the early spring, cold winter or sitting in the air-conditioned room in the summer, it can keep you warm. Shawl designs are always simple, but more costly ones will have handmade tassels and other improvements.

Few women know that you can make a collar effect from a shawl. Fold the broad rim as a collar before wrapping the shawl. Make sure to have ths scarf longer on one side; this makes it easier to drape over your shoulder or back. Hanging earrings are a fine decorative touch, drawing attention to the shawl scarves around the neck and face.