Seventies Fashion – Fancy Dress Ups

The Seventies in America was a time where fashion began to explore new limits. Although the Sixties was known to be one of the most liberal times in American history, fashion took a decade to follow. Jeans were hitting big. In fact, one specific type of jeans is still iconic of the 70s, and that is the Bell Bottom Jeans.

So called after the large bell like shape at the bottom cuff of the jean, the iconic wide ankle is practically the definition of retro clothing. However, what about the fancy world? What about formal attire?Casual wear was becoming big, and because of that, there were new varieties, such as different types of jeans. However, formal kept its current status quo from decades beforea suit with a tie was the definition of formal, fancy wear.

Little has changed from the disco era in factalthough casual wear is king of the fashion world, and is full of variety, formal wears bread and butter is a suit and tie.In fact, the same could be said about womens wear. Keeping the status quo, women were known to wear long dresses. Be it for modesty or ample room to showcase the new liberal floral, intricate designs, the longer the dress, the more formal it was.

However, the most iconic accessory of formal attire during the Seventies for formal wear was the oversized hat, and it could be argued it went against the status quo. In the Sixties, hats were a bid deal, but not like they were in the Seventies.

In other words, wearing a large, almost floppy hat, then, went against the status quo as a new accessory was introduced into the mainstream formal outfit. However, the large hat was reminiscent of the Thirties; it can be said that there is nothing more like keeping the status quo than to go back in time.