Seventh Yiwu International Exhibition on Hosiery, Knitting and Garment Industry Exhibition awarded

High-profile “Seventh Yiwu International Exhibition on Hosiery, Knitting and Garment Industry Exhibition” will be held 15-17 November 2006 in China Commodity City Exhibition Centre Meihu meet again. “Yiwu International Exhibition on Hosiery, Knitting and Garment Industry Exhibition,” was founded in 2000, recently has passed the Global Association of Exhibition Industry (UFI) certification, become the only UFI approved professional knitting machinery exhibition; They are also the only city in the county were held UFI certified exhibition. With Yiwu, the Yangtze River Delta and China international knitting knitting industry and the rapid development of industry, after years of accumulation, “Yiwu International Exhibition on Hosiery, Knitting and Garment Industry Exhibition” has grown into an international exhibition in China with the type of the highest degree of professionalism the strongest, have considerable influence knitting industry exhibition, by the knitting industry attention at home and abroad. So far, from 11 countries and regions will participate in this exhibition exhibitors identified, mainly from Italy, Germany, Turkey, France, Korea, Japan, Czech Republic, Switzerland, China, Hong Kong SAR, China Taiwan Province, China . One area of overseas exhibitors, 60% of exhibitors, the exhibition highlights the degree of internationalization; not only overseas exhibitors optimistic about this exhibition, the domestic enterprises to actively participate, have come from China’s 31 provinces, cities, districts (counties) of the enterprise sure to attend this exhibition, both the number of exhibitors and the exhibition scale reached a record high. To meet market demand, this exhibition will set up a different topic area: Dyeing, Dyeing & Finishing Machinery Zone; Seamless underwear, knitting and hosiery machinery area; webbing and zipper forming machine area; glove knitting machine area; fiber, yarn lines and spare parts area. Dyeing and Finishing Machinery Zone are Ericsson, Henderson Jia, Jian-hua, etc.. Seamless underwear, knitting and hosiery machinery area of Korean Arrow Beauty – Shen Yi, Hong Kong, Japanese foreign suppliers Italian Santoni, Italy Matai Ke, Italy happiness, Italian furg, Italian supermodel, Italian iron and with and so on; Italy and Germany League, Italy won song, Italy Aiji Er, Korea Ai Sida, Hanguo Fu Sheng Precision, Han Guotai Hao, Olympic gong Latin, Taiwan Tai Kang, Beijing Yalong, Changshu East China Sea, Germany Grotz, Quanzhou bump, in Sheng, Japan WAC, Japan, Nagata, etc.. Webbing and zipper forming machine zone has Taiwan? Chang, Taiwan Hirono, ? Muller, Taiwan Pentium / Pacific King Precision, Shantou crown industry, the Holford good, Flora Fei Hung, Yongchang Zhuji, Zhejiang, lean, etc. . Glove Knitting Machine Area Japanese Pine Valley, Pine Hong Kong, Japan, Island, fine, Rongrong, Hassan, Shaoxing Rong Rong, increasingly, Yongchang, Xiangshan Lida so. Fiber, yarn, and spare parts area of Italy Cesare Colosio, Turkey IPLIK so. Exhibition period, “the second Socks Development Forum” will also debut, then Yiwu City Hosiery Industry Association’s leadership, Zhejiang, East China University of experts and senior engineers Langsha Knitting Co., Ltd., will serve as guest speakers to attend. “Seventh Yiwu International Exhibition on Hosiery, Knitting and Garment Industry Exhibition,” also by China Chamber of International Commerce Yiwu Chamber of Commerce, Yiwu City Hosiery Industry Association, Zipper Industry Association Yiwu, Yiwu system with industry associations, Yiwu City Garment Industry Association strong support unit.

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