Positive And Negative Effects Of Celebrity Dresses

Celebrity dresses either have a positive or the negative influence on the society. When the individuals are attracted by the dresses of the celebrities and tries to imitate them, then the celebrity is impacting the behaviour of the youngster in a positive way. However sometimes the celebrity dresses negatively influences the society when the dresses worn by them are against the values of the particular society.

When the celebrity dresses reflect violent dresses then it adversely affect the perception and behaviour of the society. In such case celebrity dresses have the negative influential role. Major part of promoting the celebrity dresses is being played by the media. They play a negative role by portraying such dresses which are not accepted by the general society. It has been endorsed that women want to fit up in the society due to which they are imitating celebrity dresses. If an individual is not rich, he is not a glamorous and his/her figure does not correspond to that of celebrity, then it is the general perception that he/she is under graded.He/she suffers from the inferiority complex and hence does not live a happy and contented life.
The fact of inferiority complex brings an individual towards the obesity. In some of the cases individuals are even starved to death as their desires to look good in the society are not being fulfilled. Some people treat the celebrity dresses as a source of guidance towards the fashion that what kind of the fashion is prevailing in the society.They do not have the craze wear celebrity dresses. Such individual have little influence of the celebrity dresses.138

Celebrity dresses are the mainstream for the youngsters and they are getting exposed to their dress ups through the television, moviesetc. Major problem associated with the teens is that when they come across the celebrity, their behaviours are affected by the influential role that a celebrity has played in portraying himself/herself. Sometimes teenagers mirror the celebrity dresses. They perceive as they are in the celebrity dress and they perceive themselves looking good beyond the imaginations.

Celebrity dresses makes the teenagers curious about the image they would be having after they would worn the celebrity dress. Ideally the teens want to have certain role model whom they could follow context to the fashion. That is the reason they run behind the celebrity dresses without realizing the burden of expenditure on the parents.