Pearl As Perfect Gift To A Debutant Who Wants To Become A Sophisticated Woman

A debut is an occasion of firsts and is quite a very special moment for any woman. To many this is the time when a girl truly becomes a woman, ready to face the world as an adult as she says goodbye to her days of playing with dolls and hopscotch. Such an occasion greatly deserves a special gift that would symbolize the meaning of the moment entering a sophisticated world of elegance and beauty. A pearl would be a perfect gift for this occasion with its stylish nature and graceful beauty that symbolizes refinement and good taste.

Of course, the saying goes Diamonds are a girl’s best friend but perhaps it is rather too early for a debutant to be gifted with this glittery and flashy gem. A debutant should experience the glory of womanhood with subtlety and subdued splendor. Anything garish such as blinding jewels or gleaming gold might be too much for an occasion of firsts. As such, the perfect gift would be one that is brilliant enough to reflect the wonder of femininity but not too dazzling for such a relatively fresh age. A pearl would be the perfect gift for a debutant in this sense.

Pearls are very special fruits of the earth as they result from an oyster’s subtle, yet very effective defense mechanism. Pearls are formed when irritants or parasites get inside an oyster and the mollusk secretes special enzymes called nacre to soothe the irritation. The finished product is the pearl several layers of nacre. The very complicated process in creating pearls can very well reflect the sophistication of a girl turning into a woman as layers of knowledge, maturity, and sensibility are painted on her personality. In this light, a pearl can be the perfect gift for the debutant.

Generally, there are two options for buying pearls: natural pearls and cultured ones. Natural pearls are created by nature through mollusks living wildly in the ocean, without intervention of humans. Natural pearls are rather rare and thus held with such great value. Cultured pearls, on the other hand, are those created by oysters with the help of humans. Cultured pearls still undergo the same process as natural ones, but they are made by bulk and with more control. Nevertheless, both natural and cultured pearls are precious and both are indeed perfect as a gift for a debutant.

When choosing pearls you should carefully examine them to make sure that you are getting good quality. To test a pearl’s authenticity, rub it against another pearl or your teeth if it is rough then it is real, but if it is smooth, it is plastic. But aside from authenticity, it is also important to check for the pearl’s beauty because an authentic pearl would be good as a gift for a debutant or any other recipient if it is ugly.

When buying pearls it is important to scrutinize its quality to ensure that good pearls are brought. To know that a pearl is authentic, you can rub it against your teeth or another pearl if the pearl feels rough, it is real and if it is smooth, it is made of plastic. Apart from authenticity you have to watch out for other markers of quality for pearls such as shape, size, luster, color, and surface because a pearl may be real but not necessarily beautiful enough as a gift.
Here are important things to check when choosing pearls:

1. Nacre this is the substance that mollusks secrete to defend themselves from irritants. There should be enough nacre for the pearl not to chip or peel. As a rule of thumb, pearls with thicker nacres are more expensive.

2. Surface a good pearl should have a very clean surface with little or no blemishes. High quality pearls have surfaces that shimmer like mirrors, these are perfect gifts for debutants or anyone.

3. Size predictably, large pearls are pricier than smaller ones. Even differences of 1 millimeter can create a lot of difference in a pearl’s value.

4. Color pearls come in a variety of colors apart from white or cream. There are pearls in black, gray, green, aqua, champagne or even gold. When giving pearls as a gift for a debutant, you must consider her taste and personality to make sure that the pearls would go well with them.

5. Shape usually, perfectly round-shaped pearls are deemed with such great value compared to hose with irregular shapes. Some pearls have special shapes and may be of high value than others.

For someone as special as a debutant, pearls are the perfect gift. They are elegant and precious, reflecting the sophistication being imbibed by such a woman.