Neck Ties – The 4 Best Trends Coordinating With Shirts

You may really like the way that necktie goes with this shirt of the same color. Over the past few years, the trend has been to coordinate different styles and patterns. An important aspect is to be careful in deciding different colored patterned neckties. Start with the match directly and now we can even ignore the material. Luckily, coordinating different styles of shirts with ties isn’t really that tricky. You will find that the match is so easy when as long as you learn some simple ways. Here are four ways to combine between the ties and shirts which allow you to monitor the trend of fashion.

Using a common color throughout is a good place to start. In this case, you can select the shirt firstly, and then find the dominant color on the shirt. When you’re ready to choose a tie, you can choose one that is relevant to the major color of the shirt. Pairing a dark beige shirt with a pinkish tie, for instance, is a nice combination. Although it is a shirt with thin brown stripes, the tie in the base color pink is a good match for the style points brown paisley.

Coordinating a grid-patterned tie and shirt is one way to display a different style. The basic rule of this method is to wear a shirt with a small plaid and a tie with a large grid. It is also quite important to be careful in choosing a well colored match of shirts and neckties. A good example of this is to have a larger check mark pattern on the tie and a small pattern on the shirt. For detail-oriented men, the image can be enhanced by wearing a shirt or neckties with a larger grid. Also, you should always be sure to select trousers that are similar in hue.

If you choose the shirt and tie in the same size proportion, it will be too confusing. You can bring attention to the visual contrast in size of both of them. Gray with white stripes is a classic design for shirts. It is more striking to coordinate a tie with blue stripes than a gray background and thin stripes with your shirt. The less eye-catching shirts with the appropriate ties in the bright color can break the dull from the dark color.

You will be amazed by the elegant and charming effect if you can apply the practice of the match from simplicity to complexity. You still can work out with this rule when even the shirts and neckties have totally different styles. It looks best to pair a simple shirt with a dressier tie to really stand out from the crowd. It is not necessary to coordinate the color of a tie with a neutral white, grey, or black shirt. If you aren’t afraid to wear the color, this could be a really good look. The light purple shirt with one row of buttons is soft, and the white stripes will not usually be noticed. This means that the ties with striped patterns and colorful embroidery are the best option for this shirt.