Men What The Color Of Your Jeans Say About You

When it comes to buying men’s jeans, some of most important factors to consider are size and fit. However, if you want to liven up your wardrobe, it is also vital to factor in the color of your jeans. Even so, picking out colored jeans for men is tricky especially if you want to send the right message. You should know that the color of the jeans you choose to wear matters. Here is what different colors say about you:

Black jeans

For many centuries, black has been a symbol of death especially in western cultures. All over the earth, people associate black with various powerful forces both good and bad including the devil, ninjas, witches, superheroes, judges, nuns, priests, monks, mimes and so on. The bottom line is that this color symbolizes the seriousness of purpose, and the need to be hard or see clearly. Hence, when you wear black jeans, it gives the impression you are powerful, serious person or important.

White jeans

White has long been a symbol of peace, serenity and cleanliness. This color is associated with joyful occasions such as weddings. It has been used in fashion countless times and never seems to go out of fashion. If you wear white jeans, you attract attention to yourself while letting people know you are clean, humble and come in peace. It would be hard for someone to say no to you in white.

Blue jeans

Without a doubt, blue jeans are the apple pie of the American society. When it comes to color and its symbolism in clothes, blue has always been used to represent the man while pink has been associated with girls. Blue jeans are the most classic jeans you can find anywhere. Hence, wearing blue jeans shows you are as manly as you can be. It shows you are a strong, confident and classic man when you walk into a room. This color is perfect for a casual, smart causal and business casual look.

Purple jeans

In many circles, purple is usually a color associated with royalty. In recent times, purple jeans have been trending the fashion world with numerous models both male and female walking down the runway on them. Wearing purple tells people that you are of royalty, you have a sense of style, and you are trendy. You just have to pair it with a matching top and you are good to go.