How to identify natural pearl and cultured pearl

How to identify natural pearl and cultured pearl?

Pearl can divide natural pearl and cultured pearl two major parts, and cultured pearl are divided into river born or sea born pearl. Natural peal are often low yielding, costly price. Cultured pearl can be mass-produced, so the price is much lower. The main difference between the two is that the nuclear of natural pearls is smaller than cultured pearl.

The nuclear of natural pearls are often made of some sand, parasites or other things, some even without nuclear. The coated layer of cultured pearl is thinner, because it’s nuclear is often made of big artificial beads.

For surface, the growth environment of natural pearls is random, and the roundness is poor for less scrolling. The roundness of cultured pearl is better, since its nuclear is rounded.

The growth of natural pearl needs a long time. So after maturity, it has delicate texture, thick nacre, smooth surface, very few “convex bubble-, and a more transparent.

Due to a short time of growth, the nacre of cultured pearl is thin, rough in surface texture, and there is some concave-convex bubble on the surface. Transparency is also poor.

Here are some experiences to identify pearl in jewelry industry.

1. It is real pearl, if the whole pearls are all the same in their color, size, shape, luster etc. In any case, the fake pearls cannot be all the same.

2. The real pearl’s luster like rainbow, so colorful, so beautiful. The fake pearl without lustrous or rainbow-like color, owing to its surface is coating.

3. Ying-ray, real pearl has higher transparent in contrast with the fake pearl.

4. Nice touching feeling on the real pearl, it feels cool and smooth. While the fake pearl is warm and moist.

5. Observed the surface with decuple-magnifier, you can see the real pearl’s texture of growth; the fake pearls have only the coating.Jewelry Wholesale

Pearl is a very delicate, there are still many areas requiring attention.

1. Keep it away from kitchen, there are some tiny pore on Pearl’s surface, it should not to inhale the polluted air. Don’t wear your beautiful pear jewelry to go to the hairdressing salon. Pearl will absorb the hair spray, perfume and other substances. Even need to be careful in kitchen, Steam and smoke can penetrate the pearl and make it turning yellow.

2. Clean with sheepskin. After wearing the pearls (especially the hot days), the pearl jewelry should be cleaned before put it back to the jewelry box. It’s better to use the sheepskin than tissue; some of the tissues will wear pearls.

3. Pearls jewelry should not go near water. Don’t try to clean it with water. Water can enter the holes. Not only difficult to dry, which may also make it fermented? You should use a soft wet towel to clean and dry it.

4. Exposed to air. Don’t put the pearl jewelry in a safety-deposit box, or sealed it with polybag for a long time. Fresh air is needed to each pearl. Wear it for every few months, Let them breathe. It’s easy to turn yellow such as long-term store.

5. Trades the line for a few years. Pearl is best to re-string once every 3 years. Of course, that will depend on how often you wear it.