Gold Jewelry

Gold is considered as the most precious and most beautiful metal among all the elements on earth. Wearing and collecting gold jewelry has been the passion with women of all ages all over the world.

Women buy gold jewelry not for only beauty reasons but they buy it as investment also. Value of gold keeps on increasing with passing time. Gold is like real estate which always pays in the hour of need. Gold jewelry is the most important part of Indian marriages. It is considered as auspicious metal which is the part of Indian traditions and mythology.

One of the most interesting fact about gold jewelry is it is never outdated to wear gold jewelry. Moreover, pure gold is very skin-friendly as it does not irritate the skin. Gold does not react with other materials unlike other some other metals. Some times, a few people get allergy from gold jewelry. This is not due to gold but due to the other metal mixed with gold to create durable jewelry.

Gold is used for making jewelry not only for its looks but another feature is its malleability. Even once ounce of gold can be turned into a 10 feet square. Gold can be designed into any shape, artisans desire for.

Purity of gold is determined in terms of karats and is symbolized as K. You must have seen gold jewelry marked with numbers like 18K, 14K, 22K or more. These numbers tell about the percentage of pure gold in the jewelry. For instance, 24K gold is the purest one. In a 18K gold, there is 18parts of gold and 6 parts of other metal like silver, copper or others. It means there is 75% gold in the jewelry.

Other metals are mixed in gold to make it durable. Pure gold is beautiful but it is not perfect to make jewelry from this gold as it is very soft. Jewelry made from pure gold can not be worn in daily use. Another reason for mixing it with other metals is lowering the cost. Mixing of other metals also changes the color of the gold like mixing with palladium or nickel make it white gold. Gold gets pink tint by mixing with pink and greenish tint when mixed with silver.

While buying Gold Jewellery, look for hallmark or trademark apart from the karat marking. These marks indicate about the traders identity. Even after wearing or keeping for years together, gold looks same. Thats why gold is regarded as the Gods metal.