Garment industry has not migrant workers secondary school students will become the main

As the industrial structure adjustment, the main force lions industry is undergoing structural changes, secondary students, technical school students are becoming lions Clothing Industry, the main army.

Clothing Primary line of industrial grade increase the proportion of vocational studentsnts

4 17, Shishi City College of Technology and high-tech career second career Chongqing City Vocational School personnel training and transfer of the signing of the employment agreement, month 28, DianJiangXian Garment entire graduating class students will get the lions, all assigned jobs in a garment posts.

Reporter has learned that some of Shishi clothing enterprises to develop the human resources strategy objectives: the first line of the primary to secondary school students and technical staff mainly students, Management Layer to secondary students, vocational students mainly. Municipal labor department and the Mainland have been carried out many secondary vocational orientation clothing specialized classes, will form a planned scale mass transport to the lions apparel manufacturing skilled human resources. Shishi challenge the wolf with a vocational school, offer Qujing a “challenge Wolf” costume class, the class graduates, all directed at the challenges the company posts job wolf.

This year’s “Migrant Workers” will be less significant reduction in scheduled

Beginning of this year recruitment period, the stone lions surrounding areas and the economically developed coastal areas as the prevalence of the phenomenon of labor shortage, “migrant workers” sudden and large reduction in number of Mainland skilled “migrant workers” to give up over the years ” their homes, “migrant workers the opportunity to stay in their native lands, the reason is off the mainland began in rural areas, and also made his home into the factory employment, monthly income Something missing, but can live with their families all year round.

Shishi clothing business and employment is the largest first-line level Cut, the number of garment manufacturing industry accounts for about 70% of the total number of the former migrant workers more than the mainland. Their low educational level, many people without job opportunities for promotion to the amount of labor in exchange for remuneration. The most unstable first ray turner, the largest mobile and only a small number of primary school education and the husband and wife work only with certain stability. With 9 years of compulsory rural Education The continued popularity of the Mainland youth culture is rapidly improving the quality of the stone lions apparel manufacturing line level employees to change is the inevitable trend of historical development.

“Migrant workers” may become a historical name

Shishi clothing manufacturing to information technology and intelligent development, enhance industrial efficiency, is to deal with “industrial waste” in an important way. The third generation of computer flat cars are growing in popularity, the play version of experienced teachers are being replaced by computer CAD equipment, computer cutting gradually replace the traditional hand-making, intelligent, automated garment manufacturing equipment promotion and application, are culture of high-quality technology needs students, secondary students and other practical talents to operate.

Can be expected that in the future, farming background, low educational level of the “migrant workers” lions apparel industry will gradually fade out, replaced not been a farmer, with secondary and higher vocational education as lions apparel manufacturing workers the main industry, and perhaps one day, “migrant workers” will become a historical term.

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