Flower Petals Mother of pearl, Cufflinks for Women

On a recent expedition our buyer unearthed some interesting men’s fashion accessories, one interesting enough to warrant a little probing into its inception and conception. After all not it’s everyday that you cast your eyes on a pair of cufflinks cut into the shape of flower petals from Mother of Pearl (MOP). They seemed almost too feminine for chaps to wear. But we’re forgetting the designer, Simon Carter ; he likes to add a touch of femininity to his line of accessories and after all his company began originally selling men’s brooches so it all seems to fit.

His staff members were only too willing to acquiesce so it was easy to drum up some interesting information about the little beauties at hand. And as wise marketers we know that consumers like to read a story about the item there considering. They build trust through gaining Knowledge and information, which helps them make buying decision. The key here is sincerity, the story must be true, or otherwise all is lost.

The first thing revealed on our fact finding mission was the cufflinks we were reviewing have become a very popular choice for women. We also discovered that it’s a growing trend for women to wear cufflinks. As women command more in business and climb higher the corporate ladder, they begin wearing suits and ties and wish to express their status as men do, but naturally doing it in a feminine way. And what better choice than a pair of pink MOP flower petal cufflinks, they mirror a woman’s taste and bring a refreshing slant to men’s accessories, a little femininity firmed to cuff, a constant reminder of soft and inviting contours and sweet scented women. Like the cufflinks, like the woman. But rest assured there is a degree of masculinity to this fine form. Further investigation discovered that the finite shape was performed by the latest in laser cutting technology. To add depth and texture you’ll find a small faceted crystal representing the bud at the centre of the petals, it reflects the light at every turn, and concludes a very innovative concept.

With our designer hats on, we say, functionality top marks; form the same again, innovation definitely thumbs up and the combination of natural materials and modern laser cutting technology shows just what a little nuance can do. The only down side is they’re not readily available, only a handful of stockists showcase them, perhaps intended by Simon, it’s a sure way to maintain product value and exclusivity, no need to flood the market. If you’re a lover of Mother of Pearl and a cufflink collector then this is worth adding. One more thing worth mentioning, part of good design, economics, Simon Carter did his sums.

A closing anecdote: Every significant movement in art can be traced through the design of cufflinks. Jewellers like Cartier and Tiffany crafted work of art cufflinks in mother of pearl, crystal and precious stones…These famous fashion names establish designer cufflinks as the essential accessory for men, and in the future for women.