Fashion Cheongsam Matching With Pearl Jewelry

Fashion cheongsam has strong Chinese classic feelings, wearing cheongsam can let you have a special charm, it is a kind of lingering beautiful complex of Oriental women. If you want to show the beauty of cheongsam completely, you will learn to ornament it with some jewelry.

Generally speaking, pearl is extremely Oriental classic flavor jewelry, and it is very suitable for matching cheongsam, but if you want cheongsam and pearl to matched perfectly, you have to learn some matching skills.

If you plan to wear a fashion style cheongsam, you had better to choose a pearl brooch or pear bead necklace to wear. if the color of your cheongsam is relatively dark, you could select a pure white pearl brooch, if your cheongsams color is quite light, it is suggest to select a black pearl brooch or the similar color pearl brooch with your cheongsam, which can show your elegance and charm as well as fashion. The shape of the face can also be decorated with the help of the pearl brooch.

Wearing a simple designed and single pearl brooch in the middle of your collar can makes your face looks thinner, while complicated designed pearl brooch will make your face more round.

There are some useful skills when you matching fashion cheongsam and pearl jewelry. Matching dark cheongsam with a pure necklace can show elegance and demure, that is the trait of Oriental women. If your cheongsam is a traditional style, you had better to choose a pearl beaded necklace, two in one pearl beaded necklace, or three in one pearl beaded necklace. In the aspect of necklace length, short pearl beaded necklace is about thirty-five centimeters, general pearl beaded necklace is about forty centimeters, Medium pearl beaded necklace is about sixty centimeters, and long pearl beaded necklace is more than ninety centimeters.

Usually, the style of the fashion cheongsam decides the length of the pearl necklace when you matching. Young ladies are suitable for wearing single pearl beaded chain necklace. Often pearl with 68 mm diameter is in the majority, while the pearl of the single series pearl beaded chain necklace is bigger than multi pearl beaded chain necklaces. In addition, what is worth mentioning is that it is not the more pearl necklace we wear the more beautiful we are, we should pay attention to the principle of harmoniousness.

The pearl jewelry only has the effect that makes the finishing point, if you decorate it too far; it will produce side effects. For example if you wear too much hair decorations, your head will look bigger than ever, disproportion will give people exaggerated feeling, and cheongsam lose its elegance beauty.

Cheongsam is one kind of Chinese womens dress; it originated from the Manchu (an nationality of ancient China) and it is developed in time of the republic of China, in 1929 the government of the republic of China identified Cheongsam as one of the national dress.

The time from the 1920s to the1940s, is the most glorious period of Chinese cheongsam. Especially in the the1930s, cheongsam laid its irreplaceable foundation in the Chinese womens dress, and became the typical representative of Chinese womens dress. 1940s is the golden time of cheongsam development. After the first half of the 20th century 20 century changes, the various basic features and elements Chinese cheongsam gradually stabilized. Cheongsam become a classical Chinese womens dress. But 1949 years later, the Chinese cheongsam was gradually marginalized in mainland China, especially in the Great Cultural Revolution, it is considered to the typical representative of feudalism and capitalism. Until the recent past decades, cheongsam has become popular again.