Custom Tailored Jeans Embellishments Denim & Flower-dotted Fabric Combinations

One can make original and stylish jeans models playing with a combination of denim and different materials. For example, using silk.

To create jeans with elegant cuts youll need a pair of jeans, a piece of bright-colored silk, a sewing machine, contrast-colored thread, scissors, a piece of paper and a pencil. To transform your custom jeans into a stylish piece of clothes it will be enough to cut just one trouser leg. The second one can stay as it is.

Unseam the first trouser leg you are going to work with on the inner stitch. Then make a stencil for your elegant cuts. Draw some simple pattern on a piece of paper, it could be a flower or a star, or any other motif you want to decorate your jeans with. Cut out your ready pattern and transfer it to denim repeating the motif in the upper part of jeans trouser leg and under the knee so that the pattern overlays the outer seam of jeans.

Put a piece of silk with a front side to the back side of denim and fix it with pins. Sew down the motif on the front side of your subculture jeans three times: the first one on the contours of the picture and two times inside the pattern with the interval of about 1 centimeter.

On the inner part of the jeans cut out odd silk outside the borders of the outer stitching. Make cuts along the pattern lines on the outside between the stitches made. Cut short the edges of the cuts so that silk fabric can be seen in the cuts. Sew down the inner seam. Thats it!

And here is another cool idea of creating decorative back pocket of your jeans using a handkerchief! Youll need a handkerchief with a flower motif, jeans with back pockets, thread, a needle and scissors, hook & loop tape, decorative button and glue.

Carefully unseam one of the back pockets of your jeans on the stitching. However, you can avoid this procedure and decorate the pocket directly on jeans. After it cut off a decorative corner of your handkerchief so that its edge could be folded into the pocket and the junction point with denim is not visible. By the way, you must not necessary use a handkerchief for your embellishment, a piece of any flower-dotted fabric will do as well.

Glue a turned over stripe of handkerchief cloth to the inner side of the pocket. Thus you will create an illusion of a front pocket part which can be opened. Sew down a button to the edge of the handkerchief cloth taking denim fabric as well to make this illusion even more full. In fact the back pocket will be opened exactly the way it used to open before our embellishment. Now you have your customized jeans decorated with an original back pocket which will surely attract everybodys attention!

You can also use the same technique to create a fashionable purse just cut out the pocket of old jeans together with denim fabric and finish the seams in order to get a pocket-bag. Decorate the front part of it exactly as explained above. Sew down the hook & loop tape to the upper edge of the pocket. Thats it!