Reviewing Debi Pearl’s, Listen To My Dream

A few men in history arise and call to others to be numbered among the ones that serve a greater cause. These men dispense hope and call on their fellows to pursue a nobler purpose. These inspire others to dream of more, to dare to reach for the possibilities.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. lived his life in this way. His life and work look much different than those that chased the spotlight and loved fame. He didn’t just push for change in the laws that governed access and opportunity; he pressed for hearts to be moved to do the right thing. He encouraged others to live their lives in pursuit of excellence.

What changed King from being an average preacher to an international figure calling for change? It started when Martin Luther King met Coretta Scott. Coretta and Martin Luther both loved opera. That was what brought them together for their first date. The following spring, King proposed to Scott and she accepted while agreeing to support his calling as a preacher. After the incident where Rosa Parks was arrested in 1955 for not giving up her bus seat to a white man, King was called and with Coretta’s permission, accepted the position of leading the boycott against the bus system that propelled him to a more prominent stage in life. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. went on to inspire change amongst his followers by taking action to gain certain civil rights such as the right to vote, the right to gather to talk and the right to march.

Not surprisingly, Dr. King’s life has served as inspiration for a tribute written by a grandmother from Tennessee entitled, Listen To My Dream.

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Sea Pearl (moti) Gemstone Benefits Of Moti Astrological

Pearl is the astrological gemstone of Moon or Chandra Graha as known in Vedic Literature. Pearl is an organic gemstone and has hardness of 2.5-4.5 on the Mohrs Scale. It has a Specific Gravity of 2.60-2.85 and is primarily known for its luster. Pearl is known as Mukta in sanskrit, Moti in Hindi, Pearl in English and Murabeed in Urdu.

Pearl gemstone is essentially a compound of Calcium carbonate (CaCO3) and is commonly referred to as a living gemstone. Pearls are available in different shades from creamy white to golden and from blue, pink to blackish grey. These colors also correspond to the four varnas or types of Pearl that can be classified into. For astrological purposes Pearls are of 3 types viz, Natural, Cultured and Keshi. Each of them works equally effectively and based upon ones budget one may choose the best.

Pearls are cultured in China, India, Burma, Japan, Tahiti, USA and South China Sea. Highest quality Pearls are the South China cultured pearls which are famous for their top notch luster and thick nacre coating. High quality and authentic Pearls are most auspicious and sought after.

Brahmin Varna – Pearls that are creamy white in color belong to the Brahmin Varna and these are the ones that resemble the color of tusks of an elephant or a conch shell. These whitish Pearls are suitable to be worn by those who are engaged in teaching, consultations and other spiritual practices. Wearing such white colored Pearls makes the person very peaceful in nature and gives spiritual inclinations. These pearls are most expensive as the white color is most desirable and round shape makes them even more exquisite.

Kshatriya Varna Pearls that have a reddish hue are known as Kshatriya Pearls. These gems should be worn by those who seek power and position as wearing such gems gives administrative powers. These gems should be worn by people engaged in politics, administration, and bureaucracy and by those who occupy high positions. Wearing such pearls makes a person very active and they become go-getters in life.

Vaishya Varna – Pearls that are deep yellow or golden in color or resembling the color of the gold are the vaishya varna. These gems are suited for those involved in trade, business and those who are self-employed and own some kind of business or organization. These kinds of gems should be worn by people who only seek to amass wealth and are primarily engaged with finances, loans, mortgages and insurance.Such gems have very high prices since there is a saying that whosoever dons a yellow/golden pearl always has Sri Mahalakshmi (Goddess of Wealth & Fortune) by his side. This variety of gem is most sought after their whitish counterparts.

Shudra Varna – Pearls that are blackish grey in color are known as shudra varna and these gems are the cheapest amongst all the Pearls. Such gems are worn by those who are engaged in some kind of service or to people who offer their services and talents on a professional basis. They must be worn by people working in financial institutions. Wearing such Pearls is very helpful for those who seek employment and require stability in life. These gems are very cheap. These pearls can also be worn by those who are born with a combust moon or on amavasya tithi.

Pearl – 30th Anniversary Gift Ideas

A 30th anniversary gift should traditionally have the theme of pearls, although this may seem like an expensive gift especially if it is for friends rather than your husband or wife however it really does not have to be that expensive.

There are many different gift ideas for a 30th wedding anniversary that contain the theme of pearl without actually containing pearls thus making the gift specific to the anniversary year without costing you an arm and a leg.

One of the new ideas is to have a poem written for and about the couple in question. There are people who offer this unique service via the internet, specializing in writing heartfelt and inspirational poetry for every occasion and circumstance.

The poem is created by information you send to the poet so it can be as personal as you like and contain any theme you desire whether it be happy, sad, romantic or funny. The poem is usually sent in a card form that is gift boxed and beautifully wrapped.

To incorporate the poem as a 30th anniversary gift you could choose to have the poem printed on pearl paper or backing paper with pearls on it.

Receiving such a personal gift will always be greatly appreciated and is also something that a couple will treasure for years to come not to mention the thought that has been involved with such a personal gift.

Other more traditional 30th anniversary gift ideas would depend on what the receiver likes, if the gift is for you wife then you may want to consider jewelry, pearl earrings are always a favourite along with the most obvious pearl necklaces these can be beautifully presented and gift boxed.

Men are a lot harder to buy for when it comes to traditional 30th anniversary gifts so you may need to look for a contemporary or modern 30th anniversary gift which has a theme of diamond jewelry. Finding diamond jewelry for a man is a lot easier than trying to find jewelry containing pearls as most men are reluctant to wear pearls.

There are many types of diamond jewelry available for men including watches and rings both of which may seem an expensive gift however what better way is there to tell the man you have spent thirty married years with how much you love and appreciate all they have done by presenting them with a gold watch.

A 30th wedding anniversary is a massive achievement for any married couple so why not celebrate it by having a party with family and friends and making the theme of the party pearls! You can have pearl colored napkins and balloons. A party is a wonderful way to share with others the love and devotion you have for your wife or husband and something that will be remembered for generations.

How To Diy Your Pearl Jewelry With Loose Pearl

At Shecy Pearl Jewelry, we not only provide awesome pearl earrings, pearl necklaces, pearl bracelets and pearl pendants, but also loose pearls and unfinished pearl strands. They are already for your own design. Pearls are popular craft product as they lend an element of mystery, natural beauty to jewelry designs, but making homemade pearl requires the ability to drill holes in dense, strong material that can’t be cut without special tools. However, you do not need to worry. We can drill for you for free!

We have many times been questioned about half-drilled and full-drilled pearls. Half-drilled and full-drilled pearls are used for different pearl jewelry. Half-drilled pearl is with a hole that goes only half-way through, instead of all the way through like a normal pearl. There are many findings that are made to take half-drilled pearls, like ring settings and earring posts. For half-drilled pearls, the hole length generally account for about two thirds or three fourths of the diameter of the pearl. Full-drilled pearl with a hole that a wire thread can go through. It is often used for pearl necklaces and pearl pendants. We drilled pearls by manual labor many years ago. Now, we use small drilling machines to make the whole process precise and easy. Various methods have been used for drilling pearls. Generally speaking, we place the pearl at a certain angle from the two sides, and the two holes meet at the centre at last. Some customers ask us if it is possible to drill pearls in size 2-3mm. From the technically perspective, the minimum diameter is 0.3mm for drill holes. As a matter of fact, it is really tough to drill in such small pearls.

The pearls are usually fixed onto a piece of jewelry using special glues, which make up of shellac, turpentine and colophonium. These special glues are used to stick the drilled pearl onto the metal findings. Mix and glue them, and push the metal end to the hole of pearl. It is common for pearls to come loose from pearl rings, pearl earrings and pearl necklaces because pearls are soft and easy to be damaged. Most glue will soften with heat and pearl can easily pull off from the peg. Therefore, they should also be protected from extreme temperatures and moisture. If the pearl on your ring or earring has fall off, just keep calm. You can repair it yourself. In fact, it’s quite easy to glue a pearl onto a ring or earring if it has come loose. Firstly, try to clean off as much of the old glue as you can, especially for the gunk on the post. Use good glue like E600 and apply it with the tip of a toothpick. When applying the glue, try to get some down into the drill hole. Dont use too much because it spreads easily and then the glue will on the body of the pearl. The pearl shouldn’t be worn until the glue is completely cured.

If you love handcrafted jewelry, why not do it yourself? Just take a first try!

Pearls In Oysters The Most Unique Pearl Gifts

Down through the ages, women have adorned themselves with some of the most magnificent natural gems, the pearls. The versatility of this wonder gem is not only attributed to its unrivaled luster, but also its unique blending ability with any kind of attire, and with women of any age.

Pearls in oysters are so unusual and rare that it not only creates a memory that lasts forever, but also people use them as valuable family heirlooms. The recipient will always remember the moment when he or she opened the oyster and found the pearl and with the sense of pride to possess a Pearl Oyster. There are some eminent pearls wholesalers offer live oysters with pearls inside, pearl in oyster pendants, wish pearl and love pearl necklace kits online, for incredibly low prices. Customers get the largest variety to choose from, so as to make their own keepsake pearl necklaces. The experience is not only thrilling for an oyster opening party but also unforgettable.

The unique offerings from these pearl wholesalers include:

Wish Pearl Kit: This makes a beautiful presentation, and includes a Wish Pearl can, a base metal cage and a sterling silver necklace.
Love Pearl in Oyster Can: It has a simple peel-back lid, and inside is a LIVE oyster holding a REAL pearl. It is said that one can make a wish, and the color of the pearl one finds can bring them luck – a white pearl signifies wisdom, a cream pearl is for success, peach for health, and purple for wealth.
Luxurious Accessory: Pearls in the half shell are available for a stunning display. These natural beauties are edged with silver and are inlaid with a cluster of cultured pearls which are beautifully trimmed.
Star Pendant: Starfish pendants are perfect for a child, with their pearl in oyster settings surrounded by 18 carat gold. Any child would be fascinated by this unique gift that exhibits the wonderful creation of Mother Nature.
Leaf Pendant: The stunning leaf pendant with pearls imbedded in the oyster shell and surrounded by gold complements any outfit, especially if strung on a matching gold chain. Each piece is distinctive and unlike the next because of its naturalness.
Diamond Pendant: Diamond shaped mother of pearl pendants have pearls inside that one can see; these go great with a pair of cluster earrings.
Flower Pendant: Flower shaped pendants with pearls just under the surface make great gifts.

All these pearl pendants are filled with 18 carat gold, and contain real pearl that one can see through the natural oyster shell.

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