How to take care your pearl earrings

Pearl Earrings Require Gentle Care
Pearl jewelry such as a pair of pearl earrings or a pearl necklace may be the most valued piece in your jewelry collection. Special attention to the care of your pearl earrings will ensure they will retain their original luster and provide years of enjoyment. Pearls are much more fragile than other gemstones therefore must be treated differently than other jewelry. Rough handling, improper cleaning, or exposure to foreign substances can easily damage your prized possession and detract from their original beauty. >

Last On, First Off
One such foreign substance can be the harsh chemicals found in today’s cosmetics. Hairspray, perfume, and body oils can also be the enemies of pearls. Don’t take the chance of hairspray overspray or perfume mist coming in contact with them. It is strongly recommended when preparing for your evening that your pearls should be the last item you put on, and the first item you take off when returning home.
It’s a Jungle Out There

Avoid any unnecessary contact with outside elements that could endanger the beauty of your pearl earrings. Avoid cigarette smoke filled rooms and any other environments where you might place them in jeopardy.

Don’t Sweat It
Perspiration is another threat to a pearl’s surface. It is acidic in nature and will erode the outer coating of the pearl and cause it to discolor or diminish its smooth texture. Avoid hot humid places and if you do perspire, take care to cool down and occasionally dry the area under the pearls to lessen the exposure.

Take It to the Cleaners
Pearl earrings should be wiped off with a soft damp cloth at the evening’s end and will also need to be cleaned periodically. When that time comes, don’t use just any jewelry cleaner. It may be too harsh and cause harm to the pearls. There are special cleaners available especially for pearl earrings. Be sure to follow the label directions carefully. After cleaning, make sure the pearl earrings are completely dry before placing them in their original storage container. Finally, the golden rule of pearl earrings is this: Take care of your pearls and they will adorn you for many years. A pearl reflects a woman’s beauty, and a woman reflects a pearl’s beauty.

Pearl Necklaces Never Run Out Of Style

Pearl necklaces never run out of fashion. They are always classy, ??elegant and quite flexible as wardrobe accessories. They are one of the most popular choice for wedding gift, a birthstone of June and they have long-lasting, mystical appeal that has been celebrated for thousands of years.

Pearls are less often when they are produced naturally, but at the same pearls are quite affordable, their quality is way inferior to natural pearls. To untrained eyes, it is very difficult to say, the natural pearl from her grown cousin. Probably the only way to distinguish between the use of X-ray, the “core” will be observed in cultured variety.

Some of the most popular types of pearl necklaces are used for Mikimoto, Akoya, Tahitian and South Sea pearls. Mikimoto pearls are the highest quality and come in different colors. Akoya pearls are often white, cream or silver, and Tahiti and South Sea pearls are darker colors. Saltwater pearls are more expensive than freshwater pearls.

Choosing pearl necklace length
Choosing the right pearl necklace depends on the length of the user’s age, neck size and overall body composition. In general, long necklaces tend to elongate the neck and draw attention away from the shorter length in contrast to those who flatter longer necks. Here are the different lengths of pearl necklace is recommended that every woman has a unique need:

Collar – usually 10-13 cm in length and are quite flexible or evening wear or casual day wear. These are worn high on the neck, above the ground. Another style dog collar, which is made up of several strands, it is quite popular in the Victorian era and is slowly making comeback.

Choker – 16 to 18 cm long, chokers around the neck. A good choice for women and long, thin neck, which may de chokers emphasize the throat length.

Princess – 17 to 20 inches in length, is the most popular size, classic enough to match any outfit or neckline.

Matinee – 20 to 24 cm in length. This works well worn with dresses, business suits and business wear and is a great choice for occasions to be semi-formal wear.

Opera – 28-34 cm long, usually worn during formal events and occasions. Due to its length, this pearl necklace can be doubled in two parts. When worn as is, it should ideally reach below the bust line.

Rope or sautoir – the longest, from 37 inches to wear the best costumes. Rope length should not hang a pearl in the user’s neck alone. They can be doubled or knotted, more style flexibility. Some even come with a lot of links, which allow the wearer to use a shorter length necklace.

Short necks will be good to wear pearl strands that sit at least 2 “below the collarbone and a thick or heavy necks will look good in the measurement chain length, beginning at 18. Long thin necks are flattered by shorter lengths, especially those who sit at the neck, then her throat curve.

Fleshy necks look better necklace, lying below the base, especially if the direction of segmented or comes with a square, rectangular or any of the said suspension. Necks that are wide at the base to be neck to at least 1 “below the collarbone or more strands.

Other styles of pearl necklace

Other styles of pearl necklace is a bib, which as the name implies, covers the neck and upper part of the chest a few strands of different lengths. Another option is a graduate of necklace consisting of pearls in graduated lengths, usually with the largest gem / s in the middle. The popular style is the same necklace where pearls of similar size are strung together.

Specify size and color of pearls

Although white, cream, pink, silver or pearls generally have a good look on anyone, they can best improve your skin fairer. Gold or yellow pearls look best on darker skin tones.

Usually younger women should wear smaller pearls. At his residence, they could show their youthful necks with smaller chains and pendants. Older women may want to use longer-term pearl necklace to draw attention away from their necks. They may also wear more pearls to a wider, double-or triple-axis circuits.

Pearl Necklace Sets

One of the best ways to buy matching jewelry is for those who come to the set. In this way, you have necklaces, earrings and a pair or ring or bracelet to match the style will come. However, if you just want to necklaces, some jewelers will allow you to purchase a single set.

Know How To Match Your Pearl Jewelry To Clothing And Skin Tone!

Knowing how to appropriately match pearl jewelry to your wardrobe and skin tone may not be easy because the process may possibly be frustrating. No man is an island, thus, as much as possible we just love to socialize. But along with that comes the everyday dilemma of keeping ourselves presentable to our acquaintances. Take a minute to read these professional tips to guide you how to match your pearl jewelry to your outfit and skin color.

Matching Pearl to Outfit

For matching pearl jewelry to clothing, identify the following factors
Your Lifestyle
The type of clothing you have and the colors you prefer
The type of pearl jewelry that will suit your attire
The outfit you frequently put on

High quality perfectly round pearls are most suitable for women of authority and power. Your extremely crisp business suits and formal attires should only be adorned by the most extravagant pearls in the market today. Wrap up that whole elegant package with a classic pearl round pin or a brooch with a combination of pearl and gold.

The best pearl jewelry to match evening gowns is the classic perfectly round one. But dont just grab one yet. You still have to consider which color and pearl size is the most ideal.

Suppose you just got invited to an elite cocktail party or a first-class fashion show, dont panic. Accentuate your outfit with a long length pearl necklace embellished with topaz, garnet, tourmaline and lapis beads. The combination will be undeniably stunning.

For your everyday casual attire a single-strand pearl necklace is the right pick. To achieve the perfect pearl jewelry-clothing match, choose one with moderate length and medium-sized pearls.

Unleash your inborn creativity and experiment with different necklaces. Try wearing two or more together. Just remember the golden rule for peal matching. Light pearls should go with dark dresses and light dresses should go with dark pearls. For example, wear colors like purple, champagne and blue for a light colored dress.

Matching Pearl to Skin Tone

When obtaining pearl jewelry it is vital that you decide according to the skin color of the person who will be wearing it.

Matching pearl jewelry to light colored skin tone is actually effortless. If you have a light skin tone, you can choose from an extensive assortment of pearl colors. You can go for white, to pink, to green or purple pearls. However, if you dont want to look like youre wearing grandmas jewelry, never sport black pearls. If you want to look your best, simply put on a classic creamy-pinkish white pearl necklace. This pearl necklace is renowned for its striking effect on fair skin.

White pearls with silver or bright blue overtones and a dark skin tone is the fantastic match. Pearls with shade of gold and silver will enhance the lovely glow of your skin. Find a pearl necklace with medium pearls decorated with small-sized diamonds. Wear one and be the hottest thing inside the room.

Dark-colored or gray pearls are universal. They look charming for all skin tones.

Real pearls will always be in for all seasons. Even if you reach old age, you can still become one gorgeous grandma by just wearing one. Test out the new tips now or you may choose to accessorize like a Hollywood stars fashion consultant by reading more of our guide.

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How To Tell If Your Pearl Necklace Or Earring Is Real Or Fake

My colleagues and I love pearl jewelry very much; sometimes we will talk about how to tell if our pearl necklaces or earrings are real or fake, I will list our methods to distinguish between real pearls and fakes. I hope they will be helpful to you too.

First, real pearl necklaces or earrings feel rough or gritty, but fake pearls feel smooth. Because the real pearls are grow in the nature which could not give them a perfect environment to grow.

In order to test them, we can rub two pearls gently together, if the surfaces are glassy smooth, these pearl necklaces or earrings are probably artificial. However, if the surfaces are texture, these pearl necklaces or earrings are probably genuine. Another funny test is to test by rubbing a real or fake pearl against your tooth. If the pearl is made of plastic or glass, it will feel smooth. If the pear is real, we can see natural texture on the pearl necklace or earring.

Second, if the pearl necklace or earring is sold at an unbelievable price, I think we need to test it more carefully, as we all know, there are no pies dropping from the sky.

Third, imitation pearl necklaces or earrings are usually made by glass or plastic beads, the coating will chip over time. So we can check pearl necklaces or earrings near holes drilled trough them for tiny chips or flakes. If you see some chips, your pearl necklaces or earrings may be fake.

Fourth, real pearls can be either natural or cultured. Natural pearls are usually irregularly shaped and not very attractive, so the naturally round pearls are precious. However, the majority of perfectly shaped pearls are cultured.

At last, if you have better methods to test if pearl necklace or earring is real or not, please share with us! Good luck!

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