The Different Jewelry Making Tools

More and more people are now starting to get into jewelry making. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a common jewelry piece, some women now prefer to create their own unique accessories – which usually cost them lesser. So if you are interested in this type of hobby, here are a few of the most important jewelry making tools that need to have before you begin.


Pliers are one of the most important tools to have when making metal jewelry. There are actually different kinds of pliers used for different purposes. Round nose pliers are a special type of pliers with rounded ends. These are made to create loops in the wire for interconnecting different metal wires to each other. Chain nose pliers look a lot similar to round nose pliers but with a flattened inner edge. They are used more for griping metal wires and rings. Bent nose pliers have the same form as the chain nose pliers but are bent on a certain angle. And finally, there are the flat nose pliers which have a smooth flat surface used for straightening wires and for holding them in place.

Wire Cutters

Wire cutters are especially designed to cut through wire. They come in various sizes for cutting wires of different thickness. Before buying the tool, know the exact kind of wire you plan to work with. Different wire diameters may need a specific kind of wire cutter for cutting. Sharp cutters are a must for creating clean cuts so make sure that they are sharpened first before use. However, there are some wires that can easily be bent and cut by hand and will not require the use of cutters at all.

Chasing Hammer and Anvil

A chasing hammer is a hammer with a wide head used for flattening or hardening rounded edges of the wire. They are used together with an anvil, which can protect working surfaces from dents and damage during pounding.

Crafting Glue

Crafting glue is a special type of adhesive that is used to attach beads, stones and other decorative accessories to the wire or to each other. However, there are some types of adhesives that can react and tarnish metal. So if you are planning to work with wires, make sure that your crafting glue is specifically made for the type of material that you are planning to use.


Metal, silver or bronze wires are also the most basic tools for making jewelry. Jewelry wires can come in different shades and diameters so use them according to the design that you want. There are huge varieties of wires available in online shops so start looking for the perfect piece from there.

Beads and Decorative Accessories

Decorate your wires with beads, semi-precious stones and other kinds of accessories. There are plenty of beads and decorative accessories available in online stores and in actual craft shops. They come in solid colors, intricate hand painted designs and so many others.

Start Collecting Vintage Coro Costume Jewelry

One of the best designers of costume jewlery for beginning, or of course experienced collectors, is Coro. It was so plentiful, and so affordable, that I know youve seen examples – in your moms or grandmas or even your own jewelry box.

So many beautiful Coro pieces from the 50s and 60s are still around, that Coro jewelry is an affordable way to get started buying good-quality pieces.

The Coro jewelry company was started in 1901 by Emanuel Cohen and Gerald Rosenberg. They did not personally design or manufacture jewelry they contracted with designers and jobbers to produce it. Their genius was in their business skills, and by 1920 Coro jewelry was being sold in dime stores all over the country. Even during the Depression, Coro was able to build a new factory.

A unique Coro brooch is called the Coro Duette two separate dress clips connected with a patented clasp.

Another prized Coro style, actually borrowed from Trifari, is Jelly Belly pins. They are figural pins, often of animals, with a clear acrylic stone placed in the center, or belly of the pin. Highly sought after by collectors, Jelly Belly pins can cost several hundred dollars. But be aware that there are modern reproductions of these pins, for sale on the Internet.

For me, Coro spells 1950s and 1960s. The sets of rhinestone earrings, necklaces and pins evoke the days when women dressed in hats and gloves, with jewelry matching their outfits, just to go shopping or visiting.

Coro used several different marks also called signatures on their jewelry, and its important for the collector to know something about them, since the marks can help date the piece. There are actually over 80 Coro trademarks, but well touch on ones youre most likely to find.

The most common one youll most likely see is the Coro script signature, with a Capital C( 1919-1979). Other marks may read Coro Craft, (1935); Corocraft(1938); Corocraft with a Pegasus (1933-1979); or Vendome (1944-1979).

A good rule of thumb for dating Coro jewelry is to remember that if you do not see the copyright symbol, , next to the word Coro, the piece is probably pre-1955, when the symbol was added to the signature.

As always, when considering the purchase of vintage jewelry, examine it closely to be sure it is in good condition. The best investment pieces should be in excellent, near mint condition.

Costume Jewelry – A Popular Piece Throughout History

There’s virtually no difference among antique jewelry and costume jewelry. Costume Jewelry dates back to the 1930s. From the concept of antique that is going to also make the item antique. Even so, the majority jewelry professionals have come to agree with the fact that antique jewelry pre-dates the 1930s.

Costume Jewelry came into being in the 1930s being a inexpensive disposable jewelry intended to be put on together with a special wardrobe, but is not meant to be passed down with generations. It was designed to be in vogue for a brief period of time, fall out of fashion, and after that be repurchased to fit a whole new wardrobe purchase, as well as with a new fashion style. It grew to become available in vast amounts throughout the thirties.

Cheap jewelry of course existed before the 1930s. Paste or glass jewelry as far back as the 18th century. The rich had their fine jewelry copied for various factors, utilizing paste or glass stones. Through the mid 1800s with the growth on the middle class there was at this point various qualities of jewelry being manufactured implementing fine, semi-precious and base elements. Fine jewelry of gold, diamonds, fine gems just like emeralds and sapphires went on being manufactured. Bracelets produced from rolled gold, which is known as a thin coating of gold mounted to a base metal, moved into the market for the middle class. This kind of jewelry had been typically set with semi-precious jewels for instance amethyst, coral or perhaps pearls, and therefore had been even more cost-effective. Next there was jewelry in which virtually anyone could have the funds for, consisting of glass stones and base metals designed to appear to be gold. All 3 forms were meant to become transferred to upcoming generations.

Generally there are indications that will help somebody determine what period a piece of jewelry is from; theme, materials, the type of item. By way of example dress clips came in within the 1930s and then ended up out of style by the 50s. Jewelry demonstrates types, creations, hues as well as gemstones from the years. For example from 1910 to 1930 silver had been the popular coloration pertaining to metal, therefore jewelry seen in platinum, white gold, silver or a base metal was tinted to appear like silver. By WWII, gold ended up being trendy once again but in little supply, as it had been essential to the world war effort. What gold had been accessible ended up being made into very lean sheets and, sometimes glued onto silver (called vermeil) before being becoming jewelry. Through the 1930s rhinestones reputation was ever increasing within European countries. It has not been designed for the Us citizens before 40s. Therefore, most of the items out of this period of time often include plenty of metal along with a single stone or possibly a little bunch of very small rhinestones.

Today is probably not much different from earlier periods. We all continue to have fine jewelry, semi-precious jewelry, of course costume jewelry accessible to us. Costume jewelry can bring the final touch and present your fashion sense. Costume Jewelry fashion of earlier years are actually becoming very fashionable and several are increasingly being produced. Even with costume jewelry there exists a distinction in level of quality. New pieces would not have the vibrance within the gemstones or perhaps the weight with the mature items.

Vintage and antique costume jewelry are both enjoyable to collect and pleasurable to dress in. No more is costume jewelry only collectable, It really is in style, and trendy, and a fantastic chat beginner. Dress to impress!

Make Extra Cash Selling Jewelry Through The Mail

It can be tricky to sell jewelry to a mail-in company that specializes in buying gold and silver, but if you are willing to take a chance with your precious items, you can certainly earn some extra money. Before you decide to use a mail order jewelry company, you should make sure that the business is professional and has a good reputation. You should also find out what type of jewelry the company accepts. Most reputable companies will buy plain gold earrings, necklaces, or rings. They also purchase a variety of loose stones and jewelry that have stone settings. If you know that your jewelry is worth a great amount of money, you are better off selling it to a local jewelry store rather than a sell jewelry mail company.

If you are selling jewelry that the sell gold mail company accepts, you should learn the basics of buying and selling jewelry. The weight and karat of gold jewelry should be properly evaluated when you are selling gold to a buyer. The color, carat, and clarity of the stones will determine how much the pieces are worth. When selling jewelry to a mail-in company, it is a good idea to add a letter to the package that lists the lowest price you will accept. You should also photocopy the letter and sign both of the letters, keeping one for your records.

The letter will serve as a prearranged agreement and stop the buyer from offering you an unfair amount for your jewelry without your consent. Many of the mail-in companies purchase the jewelry at a lower price than it is worth and then send out paperwork that gives the seller ten days to decline the offer. In most cases, the check arrives after the ten-day period and the seller is forced to accept the ridiculous amount. By including a letter that lets the buyer know that you will not accept a low offer, the buyer will have to give you a fair amount of money for the jewelry or send it back to you.

When choosing a bottom line price, you need to be realistic. Used jewelry is not worth top dollar. The buyer will likely purchase the jewelry for the lowest amount listed in your letter, so make sure you know how much your jewelry is worth before you sell it so that you can come up with a fair suggestion. Mail-in companies usually pay more for jewelry than pawnshops do, so if you need some extra money quickly, mail-in jewelry buyers are a great option.

The Best 3 Metals For Body Jewelry

Two of the most frequent issues with body jewelry are allergic reactions and infection. Appropriate care and cleaning of piercings is vital, but the type of metal in the piercing jewelry you choose is also extremely important. The following are the top 3 best metals for body jewelry, and a couple that you should definitely steer clear of.


#1 Implant Grade Titanium

Titanium is by far the metal of choice for body piercings, and is safe for initial piercings. Implant grade titanium G23 (Ti6al4v-ELI) is the material used in surgical implants, is biocompatible, resistant to body fluids and nickel free. Titanium weighs less and is much stronger than steel, which means you will have body piercing jewelry that is both durable, comfortable and nearly free of scratches. Titanium is an expensive metal, but well worth the slightly higher price. Titanium body jewelry is beautiful, is long lasting, and will still look like new after many years of wear.

#2 Surgical Stainless Steel

Surgical steel is the most popular metal for body jewelry, and is just behind titanium in terms of biocompatibility. 316L or 316LVM are the only two grades of stainless steel that are considered safe for wearing in healed piercings. Keep in mind that even the best grades of stainless steel do contain nickel and may cause problems for those who are sensitive to nickel. Several European countries have banned the use of stainless steel for initial piercings, and it is best to steer clear of stainless steel altogether until after your piercing has healed.

#3 Gold

Although it is beautiful, gold is not a good choice for body jewelry, especially for initial piercings or long term wear. Because gold is softer than other metals and is made with metal alloys, there can be an increased risk of irritation or infection. Gold jewelry is beautiful, but is safer when worn in healed piercings, and with care. Replace gold piercing jewelry with titanium at any sign of irritation.


Sterling Silver: Stay away from any body jewelry where the part that is inside your skin (barbell, banana, ring) is made of silver. Sterling silver tarnishes when it comes in contact with body fluids, can easily harbor bacterial growth, and can contain allergy-causing metals such as nickel. Body jewelry where a sterling silver charm that is connected to or dangles from the end of the steel or titanium bar should not cause any prblems, as long as you dont have a silver allergy. Just make sure that the part that threads inside your body is made from a more biocompatible metal.

Mystery Metal: Scary. Any costume or plated body jewelry is a bad idea, and so is inferior grade stainless steel. Stick with the top 3 choices above to be sure your piercing stays comfortable and infection-free.

Dont forget that a body piercing jewelry is placed inside your body, and should be treated more like a surgical implant than a piece of costume jewelry. Although it may be tempting to buy inexpensive body piercing jewelry, spending a little more money on higher quality pieces is definitely a better choice in the long run.

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