Best Game Ideas For A Home Jewelry Party

Games at jewelry home shows can take the pressure off the guests. Games are fun and it always adds excitement to any occasion, so why not have it on your jewelry party? Its not just about selling and buying jewelries its also about having fun and enjoying the time that you spend at the party. Heres some game ideas fit for a jewelry party.

I would recommend the so called memory game , the idea is to put several kinds of jewelry pieces on a tray, let everyone take a look for just a few minutes maybe 2-3 min the most. Then have them write as many pieces of the jewelry that they can remember from that tray. The person with the most pieces described or written wins the game. It is interesting also when you have the guests do games that allow them to be acquainted with the jewelry. That way it ignites their interests of buying the items, especially when they get to try it on.

It is the responsibility of the host to entertain and motivate your guests to buy your pieces and at the same time have fun. When you host a jewelry party one of the fun and easy game to play is Give me what I want, this game is played by asking any item from your guests, just anything that you can see around the place or any item from their purses even the ones they have on, like a shoe, a bracelet, a tie just anything you can think of. And to make it more challenging, be more specific with the items that you are asking for, example give me a pink lipstick or give me a red flats of course you also have to be sure that the items are possible to find. The winner or should I say winners is the one who handed you the items first, so be ready and be creative with your prizes as well.

Another ideal game to play is the jewelry scavenger hunt. Each party guest is handed a piece of paper with a written clue describing one of the pieces of jewelry on the display table, example sapphire earrings, whoever has that clue will have to find that piece of jewelry on the table. Each clue is for a different piece of jewelry. The first 3 to find the piece that matches the clue on their paper wins the game. Or it could be the last 3 to accomplish the activity gets the prize. You can always make revisions and present a more challenging game. Good luck!