The Year Of The Rabbit Air Jordan Shoes

Nike has just launched the newest Air Jordan in 2011, the 26th version in Air Jordan shoes series, though we don’t know for sure if the number is correct. Besides its classic 3 colorways, this new version has a special limited edition: the Year of the Rabbit Air Jordan — 2011 is Rabbit Year in Chinese Lunar Year. It might seem strange for a basketball shoe named like this, but obviously the decision is to coincide with a momentous year for Michael Jordan himself — Mr. Jordan was born in the year of the rabbit, 1963. As he turns to be 48 years old today, he enters the year of birth for the 4th time with his shoe slathered in Chinese symbolism. The Rabbit Year Air Jordan shoebox is designed to match the red envelopes, which is used to give lucky money at Chinese Lunar New Year, in red and gold with iconic geometric designs and Chinese characters, revolving around the Jumpman silhouette logo.

The shoe itself bears a white/metallic gold/varsity red/wolf grey colorway, at least two of them are popular colors in China, and it also matches well with Chinese national team uniform, Chicago Bulls uniform. The special edition Jordan shoe also features an insole reads “Brooklyn”, which is the New York borough where Mr. Jordan was born and also home to many Chinese people.

Another explanation for the color scheme is: According to Chinese popular superstition, the year of one’s birth sign is full of potential misfortune, and one way to avoid the bad luck is to wear red color.

When Chinese people typically fulfill this requirement by stocking up on crimson underwear, it might be that Mr. Jordan wanted a way to lay down some protection when he is playing some pick-up games.

This special edition shoes were released to only a small number of stores in China at the beginning of February, and will land in a few more in China and a small number of stores in the U.S. on Feb. 19.

Nike stores in Beijing and Shanghai last week has reported selling out of them instantly, and in Hong Kong, the shoes were only available via a lucky draw. Such limited edition Air Jordan shoes are not made for the common consumer, they are released in short supply, and quickly are snapped up by collectors, they are auctioned in eBay for upward of $400.

This special edition isn’t as ugly as last year’s model, yet it’s far from19932s Air Jordan IX, which was known to many people as the design that got cool years after its initial release.

With its gold laces, red tongues and translucent soles, it might be a while before the Year of the Rabbit Air Jordan shoes are looked on so fondly.

What Is Infill And Durafill

Synthetic grass is engineered to be long lasting and durable for several years. Artificial turf manufacturers are constantly improving the composition of turf products to meet high quality expectations. A significant component used to maintain the quality of synthetic grass is infill. Infill consists of pebble-like granules that are spread below the turf surface in between grass blades, acting as a cushioning layer. Infill also helps to keep synthetic grass blades upright and standing. There are artificial grass products on the market that do not require infill, stating that it is not necessary. However, these non-infill turf products are not long lasting and can wear out quickly without the presence of a cushioning and supporting infill layer. Also, the appearance of non-infill synthetic turf can be flat, since polyethylene blades have a natural tendency to remain flat without infill. Infill proves to be a necessary component for synthetic grass of all purposes.

Rubber, sand, or a mixture of both make up artificial turf infill. Rubber is granulated and can be recycled from old tires for infill. Sand is ground into round silica to prevent abrasiveness. This helps to act as a cushion without creating a surface that is too hard. This cushioning is significant to all types of synthetic turf, including sports and field turf that undergoes high-level performance and activity. Since several field sports, such as soccer, require surface contact with cleats, rubber granules keep infill from being moved around by sharp or pronged footwear. A softer layer is also crucial for turf used in yards, for families and pets alike. Infill helps with turf drainage systems, allowing rain and other liquids to easily permeate. While rubber infill is good, a mix of rubber and sand can be more beneficial. However, the best infill on the market today is Durafill. While it is usually more expensive than rubber or rubber and sand infill, it proves to be the most ideal.

The most technologically advanced infill system on the market today is Durafill, exclusive to Tiger Express Landscape’s artificial turf product line. Durafill is unique because it does not degrade over time, maintaining pellet solidity and structure. Thus, the infill never needs to be replaced once it has been placed on the turf. Tiger Express Landscape’s pet-friendly turf line benefits from Durafill because it does not absorb pet urine or waste. This helps pet turf to deflect unpleasant odors. Durafill’s ability to create permeability for artificial grass ensures that collection of rain, water, and other liquids does not build up within the grass. This prevents the growth of bacteria and spores within the artificial turf.

Durafill meets eco-friendly standards and is not composed of heavy metals, silica dust, or zinc. The abstaining from using these materials also reduces health risks related to zinc , chromium, lead, and other heavy metals. It does not absorb heat and will not contribute to hot temperatures on turf surfaces. Durafill continues to be the leading infill system on the synthetic grass market today, helping to preserve and keep artificial turf looking and feeling the most natural.

Plus Size Dress Purchases

There are a number of different details that you should take into consideration before you decide to buy a plus size dress. Here, we will take a very close look at some of these details and why they may be very important to you. Read on to find out more.

Purchase Your Size

One of the most important things that should be considered when you decide to purchase a dress is the size that you are thinking of buying. Size is something that is highly significant, even though many people do not think that it is. Size can definitely have a major impact on how good a dress looks on you.

Many girls tend to purchase dresses that are smaller than their size if they know that they need to attend a particular event, such as prom or a wedding. They plan on losing weight to fit into their dress, but unfortunately it does not always happen as planned. In the end, they get stuck with a dress that they do not fit into. The main key to finding the best dress for your is making sure that your purchase your size to begin with.

Understand the Price Before You Purchase

It is important that you decide to buy a dress which is affordable and within your budget range. When you purchase your plus size dress, you should have a good understanding of how much this dress is going to cost you. For example, if it is a rare color that you may not be able to buy shoes for in the store, you might end up having to pay extra shipping costs.

Or perhaps you need your dress hemmed. All of these little things tend to add up when it comes to dresses. Before you make your final purchase, you should calculate in your head exactly how much wearing this plus size dress is going to cost you.

Make Sure You’re Happy With It

The main thing that you should keep in mind when you decide to purchase a dress is that you should be happy with your purchase. Even if you are a bit iffy about whether or not this dress is the right one for you, you should definitely reconsider before you decide to buy it. You do not want to buy a dress that you are not going to be happy with later on.

All of these factors are details that you should take into consideration before you decide to make your final purchase of a plus size dress.

Fashion Style or Fad Which Is What

Fashion is a hot topic in today’s era. Every moment some iconic figure is introducing something and the world is adopting it instantly and it is becoming fashion of that moment. Some other trend silently dies and it goes out of trend, often called retro.

Although we often use the terms interchangeably, we must realise that there is a big difference between fashion, style, fad and trend. In this article, we shall explore those differences.

Fashion, which we already described, is the way of dressing and presenting yourself like the world is doing right now. In 1960s, the side parted neatly combed hairs and bell bottom pants, along with striped jacket became the fashion all over the world. However, that fashion is dead for good now. Thus, fashion is very much contemporary. The same can be said about trends as well. In fact, many designers insist that fashion and trend are really the same with fashion being the trend of dressing.

Style, on the other hand is a different cup of tea. Firstly, it doesn’t depend on time, it depends on the person. A style is often called the permanent fashion of any individual. Continuing the example above, if someone decides to wear bell bottom and striped jackets all his life, starting from 1960s, irrespective of how the fashion has changed, then that way of dressing is his personal style. You might remember how Gregory Peck stayed stylish and denied to go fashionable all his life. Formal dress at work can also be called a style if the present trend is to wear jeans to work.

Finally, fad is a very short lived fashion. In a film, we see the lead actor wearing a flashy arm band and start wearing it till the next film came out three weeks later and we dropped that habit for another, then it is indeed a fad. Another characteristic of a fad is it is generally not the full way of dressing but a part of full dressing instead.

People generally look up to iconic figures to start a trend while really rich and high class people attend fashion shows to see what is the latest the fashion world has to offer. While the USA has managed to top in almost every segment of life, Italy and France has still managed to be the fashion capital of the world, especially the city of Paris and Venice.

Norman Ambrose – Stifling Splendour

Couture’ is a term that the fashion commerce tosses around, however there is a trend newcomer within the shape of Norman Ambrose that actually embodies unique costume within the garment, even though it can’t in name.

It looks the attention to point of Ambrose’s clothes, can be a duration of dedication since he started sketching outfits in the age of twelve. Graduating from the Academy of Artwork University in San Francisco, he ventured to Milan to check in the style capital on the Instuto Europeo di Motif. Rising up dreaming of scheming attractive garments for ladies it was couture heaven, especially when he was given the opportunity to work with vogue giants Versace and Bottega Veneta. Ambrose then moved to New York to launch his label into the masses.

The ‘Pretty Women’ Fall 2011 assembly was a presentation of glamour, travelling through numerous many years of trend. The gathering was inspired by the golden ages of Hollywood couture; exemplifying luxurious, Ambrose celebrated the creative trendy perfect by means of a variety of tailored beading, fur and cocktail dresses.

Countless elegance was passed on his first runway show at the Lincoln Center during New York fashion week in September for his Spring/Summer season 2012 assembly. The twenty seven appears advanced since icons of glamour reminiscent of Elizabeth Taylor, Mona von Bismarck and Doris Day; specifically these robust fascinating girls once they vacationed alongside the Mediterranean. Ambrose sought to implement how glamour may be transitioned to anywhere in the world, yet essentially the most distant place, splendour isn’t just with the evening however available beneath the spotlight with the sun.

The burst of colour was comparable on the solar soaring over the sparkling ocean, the bright coral infusing a platter of gold and metallic detail through darkness.

A considerable surge of tropical solar highlighted the twenty two million dollars’ price of embellished Verdura jewels from Ambrose’s St Tropez elegant assortment. Turquoise beading accented the coral, floating cocktail dresses, tailored outfits and stunning brocade with golden glass beading.

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